Jobs in Vietnam for foreign workers

Vietnam is a potential economy for the foreign investment. During the past decays, the penetration of multinational corporations has created thousands of jobs in Vietnam. This not only provides jobs to local residents. However, due to the great proportion of unemployment, the job market in Vietnam is quite fierce, which leaves rarely any spaces for foreigners as the firms perfer local ones for lower labor cost.

In spite of this, as the industrial service sector are expanding continuously in a fast pace while local labor is still underqualified, career opportunities are still available for foreigners who are highly skilled and qualified

Which are the most potential business sector for jobs in Vietnam of foreigners?

Currently, water generating programs, engineering, construction, mining, manufacturing, tourism, and IT industries are mainly focused by both the Government and private sectors. The senior positions are open to foreigners in these sectors, while Vietnamese citizens fill the lower levels.

English teaching

This is one of the most popular and easily found among foreigner network in Vietnam. If the foreigners have a Bachelor's degree and an English certification, they may find employment in Vietnam through one of the teaching recruitment programs. Depending on the types of students including kids, youth or employers, the requirement for teachers may vary. Teachers get 4 weeks paid annual leave and have medical insurance.

What requirements foreigners need to meet to be qualified for the jobs in Vietnam:

The foreign candidates must be over 18 and be able to perform the tasks as mentioned in the job description.

Work permit by Vietnam Government must be possesed by the candidates

The worker must be free from any criminal records.

Last but not least, they must be higher qualified, better trained and have more experience in the specific job than the Vietnamese citizens.

Working conditions

Vietnam Labor Code, which was passed in June 1994, regulates employment in Vietnam. In 2002, it was amanded and since then, that is the regulation all employers in Vietnam commit to comply with . According to the code, unskilled foreign labor can receive the minimum wage of D626 000 a month. Foreigners who earn D8 million or more a month will be charged with taxes ranging from 10 to 50%, depending on the total income. When the normal working hours exceeds 48 hours a week, the workers are considered to work overtime. However, this doesn't apply to managerial and executive positions. Each month, social insurance of 5% of the total salary is deducted from the salary when the employment contract exceeds three months.

The number of foreign workers in each company is limited to a maximum of 3% of employees, which makes the total number of foreigners in any one company 50 workers. This regulation aims at controlling the number of foreigners in each company, which creates more opportunities for local workforce.

Job sources

Currently, most job website in Vietnam are in two languages, Vietnamese and English, to provide chances to both Vietnamese people and foreigners. The Internet is a good source for executive positions. Non-governmental organizations also run several types of development programs in the country. Therefore, it is much easier now for foreigners to find jobs in Vietnam. However, if you are not qualified in one of the developed industries, it will be difficult to find employment in Vietnam.

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